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Managing the availability, usability, integrity and security of the data in enterprise systems

A well-crafted data governance strategy is fundamental for any organization that works with big data.

With our comprehensive data management program, we help you manage your company's data throughout its life cycle.

The program is hinged on the following elements:

Data Governance 

  •  Initiating the development of data governance standards and policies to ensure that data is available, integrated, of high quality, secure, and used correctly.
  •  A review of existing data governance standards and practices.

Data Architecture

  • Developing a data architecture that governs the collection, integration, storage, analysis, and use.
  • Aligning the data architecture with the company's long-term goals

Data Integration 

  • Data virtualization and extract, transform and load (ETL) techniques are used to consolidate data from different data sources.

Data Quality Management

  • Regular data quality checking, data cleansing, and data enrichment are all part of the data curing process.

Data Storage

  • A big challenge is coming up with, deploying, and maintaining storage solutions for a wide range of datasets with different sizes and formats.
  • Management of reference and master data
  • Using data profiling, data deduplication and standardization, and other methods, both transactional and business intelligence systems can have consistent and high-quality data.

Metadata Management

  • Designing and populating metadata repositories with metadata to assure data asset localisation, data lineage, etc.
  • Analysis and reporting on data warehousing
  • Designing and executing the BI and data analytics infrastructure to optimize data value.

Data Security

  • Putting in place security measures and doing regular risk assessments in BI and DWH to make sure that sensitive information is safe.

Data Migration and Backup

  • For efficiency and security, moving your data from one system to another involves a preliminary data assessment, automated data migration, and a review of how complete the data is.

Our team of data experts is well-trained and has a lot of experience, so they can offer custom solutions that meet the needs of your business.

Data Analysis

We help businesses avoid the development and management costs of an analytics solution.

Data Science

For businesses, data science services can help them conduct experiments on their data to gain new insights.

Data Collection

Good data collection involves a well-defined procedure to ensure that the data collected is accurate, consistent, and trustworthy.

Data Governance & Management

With our comprehensive data management program, we help you manage your company's data throughout its life cycle.

Data Architecture Setup

Our data architecture set-up service lets business users construct local data domains or repositories without compromising enterprise data consistency and trustworthiness.

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