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It's your chance to make a statement with your website.

There is no reason to settle for a bland site.

Clients at Inmarq enjoy magnificent websites that have been brilliantly developed and custom-made by some of the industry's top talents.

Why is Web Design and Development Important?

Many digital marketing strategies revolve around a website, which serves as the core for SEO, SEM, social media, and other marketing efforts for a business. It can be developed with varied goals in mind, from winning and preserving the confidence of a brand's target audience to assuring the proper marketing of its product or service.

You may get more customers by having a well-designed website that is optimized for search engines like Google and has a user-friendly user interface (UX). Having a well-designed website is critical to a company's ability to convert visitors into customers or partners. Contrarily, an ineptly constructed and maintained website could derail your marketing strategy and cost your business valuable clients.

Web design and Development Workflow

Our online design and build service has six clearly defined stages, from discovery to delivery through support.


This state gathers project needs. User and business demands, probable integration of social media, webshops, and third-party systems like Mailchimp or Zoho, and data protection requirements are often collected at this session. At this step, we'll evaluate the web site's design (USPs, logo, theme) and content. Depending on the project's scope or funding, Crowd may undertake competitive analysis or user testing. After the discovery workshop, we'll give a technical specs paper, a tech stack, and an (updated) proposal.


We'll establish the website's structure or the sitemap and work on the layout with UX in mind. The sitemap will be presented as wireframes or visual guides of the proposed website's skeleton. We guarantee a dynamic, responsive, and user-friendly site on any device.


Involves developing a creative route and then designing the website. We'll develop the website using brand standards and creative tools. Our designs are user-friendly, easy to browse and look great.


Entails coding the finalized design. We create front-end templates and back-end features and connectors. At this point, we'll add website content and incorporate social media and reporting


This is for evaluating and tweaking. Once development is complete, we'll start internal testing on all devices. You'll review the site. We'll host as many team members as needed for the handover meeting or training. In these sessions, we'll make changes and updates.

Support handles CMS service contracts and SLAs. Keep your website up-to-date to prevent data breaches, leaks, spam, and hacking. Post-development difficulties are audited, advised, and assisted.

Web Design &


It's your chance to make a statement with your website. There is no reason to settle for a bland site.



Keeping the user in mind as you design your platforms allows you to ensure constant customer retention as they interact with your content and services.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

While a larger audience is crucial, a positive brand image can also be improved with strong SEO.

Our primary goal as a leading digital marketing, content production and data consulting firm is to prioritize our clients' goals. A plan that guarantees they will be able to carve out a niche in their respective markets.






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