A solid campaign plan is a crucial element of every promotion.

Inmarq 's tactics stem from research, data analysis, and competitive analysis.

Once the scope of the project has been established, the content and creative development may begin. A lack of planning and a hasty start to production will result in lost resources and a low return on investment (ROI).

Why is a marketing plan vital?

Both short and long-term spending plans are determined by a company's marketing plan.

Because companies are under increasing pressure to show a positive return on their marketing investments, the strategy must be well studied and prepared to remove any uncertainty about how the funds will be used.

Using data and research as the foundation of a campaign plan means that campaign teams can identify an expected outcome, one that can be agreed upon before any further action. This eliminates wasted costs in content generation and advertising spend.

Our Process

Inmarq's marketing professionals have delivered successful campaigns for SMEs, corporates, global firms and start-ups. Each one began with a research-based approach.

Once we know what the business needs, we can give recommendations based on the budget. We take a comprehensive marketing approach and consider all previous and planned activities when planning a campaign.

We integrate research, data analytics, and knowledge to define a KPI-trackable endpoint. Once we agree on our plan, we produce content and assets.

Our long-term marketing campaigns are separated into phases to maximize budgets by modifying mid-flight. Continuous monitoring and evaluation guarantee that we may build on the campaign's measurable results, which are often informed by insights from the first Phase.

Marketing & Creative production

Once our destination and path are established, asset generation may begin. Innovative marketing concepts will be developed by our creative team to satisfy the client's needs with style and flair. Our production team includes graphic designers, animators, videographers, photographers, and copywriters. They work closely to ensure the vision is on-brand and stands out in a congested advertising landscape.

Creative Marketing Campaigns

Inmarq's campaigns are crafted around a single 'big concept', to boost consumer demands for a client's product or service.

Marketing Strategy &


Regardless of the size of your marketing budget—hundreds, thousands, or millions of dollars—a solid campaign plan is a crucial element of every promotion.

Brand Develoment & Guardianship

In the marketplace, brand creation creates your brand's distinctive identity, and brand guardianship preserves it throughout all of your content and communications.

Graphic Design

One of the most essential investments you can make in your business is good graphic design.

Our primary goal as a leading digital marketing, content production and data consulting firm is to prioritize our clients' goals. A plan that guarantees they will be able to carve out a niche in their respective markets.






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